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England 1-2 France, FIFA World Cup quarter-finals: Giroud’s header and Kane’s missed penalty keep French title defense alive.

Who will win as the two best players face off in an exciting match?

For many, this game is the last. England and France are seen as the favorites to go all the way to claim the golden palm of football. However, it is unfortunate that each of these countries is great, that will be the end of their journey in Qatar. France are looking to secure their status as world champions and become the first country to win back-to-back World Cups since Brazil in 1958 and 1962.

Before the tournament, some doubted the French ability to make it past the first round of 16, not because the long list of injuries saw many missing (including veterans Paul Pogba, N’ Golo Kante and Karim Benzema). Despite that, the defending champions have shown great strength to clear all obstacles clearly in the competition, with Golden Boy Kylian Mbappe leading the way.

However, in England, they will face their first challenge of the campaign. An England side under Gareth Southgate gave his countrymen hope for a repeat of 1966. In the campaign, their team was doing well (in experience and skill) and they never must come out of the second gear to defeat the opposition. . Experts and observers believe that this generation of three lions will do what the previous “Golden Generation” could not. They have history on their side, having beaten France every time they have faced them in the World Cup. So will history repeat itself, or will France continue to dominate on the world stage?

The line between England and France has been drawn

England XI (4-3-3): Pickford; Walker, Stone, Maguire, Shaw; Henderson, Rice, Bellingham; Saka, Kane, Foden

France XI (4-2-3-1): Lloris; Kounde, Varane, Upamecano, Hernandez; Tchouameni, Rabiot; Dembele, Griezmann, Mbappe; Giroud

full time: That’s it! The referee whistles all the time. Kane bends his knees. England was helpless. France erupts in celebration. They qualified for the semi-finals. England is gone! The three lions came closer. Kane had a chance to boost them but couldn’t. Not for England. France are keeping their hunt for a first consecutive title in 60 years. It will be Morocco then for Didier Deschamps’ team.

England vs France live updates

90+11‘ Rashford takes a free kick and it goes over the roof! Near but not being.

90+9′ England manage to put the last cross into the area and give them a free kick. Maguire won it!

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90+7′ EN – Grealish | Exodus – Rock

90+5′ Lloris receives a cross from Shaw. Crucial seconds lost for France. The referee stopped play as Stones fell injured.

90+4′ Theo clears the left wing attack. France is sitting in the numbers as the stoppage time passes.

90+3′ Upamecano clears the free kick delivery. Rashford then crossed but Lloris blocked.

90+2′ England put the danger at the back and attacked themselves. Shaw’s cross wins a corner.

90′ Rabiot fell to the left corner. Eight minutes of intermission.

89′ Maguire receives a yellow card for a foul on Griezmann. Great protests from French paralysis.

87′ England: IN – Rashford, Sterling, Hill | Subs – Saka, Henderson, Foden

France: EN – Coman | Out – Dembele

84′ Harry Kane is missing! It’s missing! Is the World Cup out? He chose again for power, he chose again for the left side. However, this time, he could not keep the ball under the crossbar. Crazy!

80′ Theo Hernandez has made a screamer! He pushed Ugwu from behind. VAR checks this and agrees. It is a clear punishment

78′ England 1-2 France – Giroud

An important person of France! A reliable veteran. Giroud is going home! The side is cleared and France keeps the ball. He goes to Theo’s left and puts him down. Giroud was at the near post and put it past Pickford.

78′ Giroud scored! They don’t back down! He returned with one goal for France.

77′ LOOK SAFE! Pickford saves England! Dembele puts in a cross for Giroud but it’s unmarked. Pickford thinks correctly and saves it from close range.

75′ Walker clears Dembele’s cross! France missed another ball with Giroud’s head.

74′ Mason Mount is busy in his warm-up. It looks like it’s about to be imported.

73′ Frenchman Griezmann Offside. The defending champions live by the closest margin.

72′ Another failure!!!! SAKA! Shaw with a pinpoint cross from the left. Saka arrives and connects but the ball goes wide of the goal.

70′ Maguire! How did he miss that? Henderson passed by kicking the ball. The ball finds him and he heads it. The ball kisses the outside of the post and goes away.

68′ Dembele is wasted to collect a long pass down the right-hand side in the final third. Good luck!

65′ Tchouameni fires a long ball at Giroud but it goes wide. A goal for England. The crowd seemed to be in awe of Saka moments before the referee closed his eyes.

64′ Rice and paint are important to prevent Griezmann from moving forward with the ball.

63′ Foden fouled Griezmann. Maguire asked for a second yellow card for the French player but the referee didn’t have it.

62′ Kane’s shot is now saved! England now asserts its rights. After a long period of possession, Kane breaks in from the left and shoots. The shot is weak and Lloris saves.

60′ Don’t save Saka from killing! The midfielder goes out, pushes Tchouameni back and kicks the ball. It’s a right foot shot and no power. 58′ Kane and Wayne Rooney are now tied for the most goals by an Englishman.

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56′ Mbappe beat Walker on the wing and headed home a low cross. No one will meet him in a box in England alive. It is Mbappe’s eighth kit.

55′ Don’t enter! France had chances from the start. A shot from Rabiot is blasted wide by Pickford.

54′ England 1-1 France – Kane
It took some time to take this picture. Kane preferred power over the shot and was able to put a lot into the shot. He went left with the shot, Lloris dove right. England 1-1!

52′ Saka who is wrong! Penalty for England! Chouameni the modern criminal. Kane has a limited chance.

50′ Henderson was the first to clear the ball. Giroud was ruled offside a few minutes later.

49′ Mbappe went to the floor, the referee whistled for a foul. A replay showed it was a good dive by Mbappe. Henderson has his hands on his head.

48′ Another chance! Maguire plays well when he meets a corner delivery. Lloris played the ball and England had time to attack but could not.

47 Lloris has eyebrows! Foden fires a corner that clears. Bellingham had the ball and took it on a half volley. He travels in space and Lloris puts both hands behind the ball to send him over.

There is no change in any aspect. England opened the ball. Half time: ENG 0-1 FRA
That’s from the first half! The game began. It’s from start to finish and it’s fiercely competitive. France looked the best side and had the best chance. Still, it was Tchouameni’s longevity that gave them the upper hand. England will feel good after Saka is done building up the goal. Kane tested Lloris twice but the Frenchman kept a clean sheet. 45 minutes for England to save their campaign, same for France to keep the last four.

45+4′ France could emerge unscathed from the corner. Theo fell down injured and the referee stopped the match.

45+3′ Shaw runs up and lands a long ball that gives the Three Lions a corner.

45+2′ Saka was shot at the penalty spot and France recovered the ball. They fight back but it doesn’t do anything.

45′ Varane clears Bellingham’s cross from the left wing. Upamecano fouls Saka on the halfway line. Added four minutes of stoppage time. 44′ Dembele steals the ball from Rice as he tries to shoot the ball away.

43′ Griezmann tripped Walker and became the first booking of the night. 40′
Saka’s cross is just too long for Kane and the striker’s head pops in the air.

39′ Bright from France! Griezmann calls it short and passes the ball to Theo who is on the run. Theo cuts back but the shot goes wide of the goal.

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38′ Henderson fouled Mbappe as he advanced with the ball. A chance for free football!

35′ Bellingham fights again with Griezmann on the right wing and is able to win the ball again.

34′ Saka is taken down again, this time by Theo but the referee thinks it’s a good punch. France recovers the ball.

33′ Bellingham gave the ball to Mbappe but the French player couldn’t get past Walker.

32′ Rabiot fouls Harry Kane! He was under pressure there.

30′ Rabiot cleared the line! The ball comes out of the corner and the center back has to save his side.

29′ Lloris also saved! She’s cute but playful. Lloris will then jump to his right and tap the ball.

27′ Mbappe takes a long dribble down the middle and shoots to the left but England won’t let him go.

26′ VAR checks for fouls. It was a terrible challenge from the French central defender. The decision goes in the direction of France. It was foul but outside the penalty area, and therefore outside the jurisdiction of VAR.

25′ Upamecano brought back Kane close to the penalty area. England appeals but the referee continues the match.

22′ Kane! Lloris also saved. Saka plays a deep ball and goes past the defender and shoots. Lloris came off his line to save.

20′ Shaw’s free-kick hits the wall but can’t get past Lloris.

19′ Saka has fouled England’s penalty area with a spectacular free kick.

17′ England 0-1 France – Tchouameni

England believed they had brought back the perfect body when Upamecano exploded. Just like that, the young Frenchman recovers the ball and shoots. It was outside the penalty area, Bellingham did not stop in time and the ball beat Pickford on the left side of the goal.
17′ CHOUAMENI, Thank you, young man! France won 1-0!

16′ Upamecano recovers Saka’s ball on England’s right wing and France attacks him.

15′ France is closing! Rabiot takes the ball in the penalty area, passes to Mbappe on the left who goes past Dembele. He missed the ball only to be out of the game.

14′ Kane has a dart in the final third. Rice steals the ball but Kane has no support and the attack dies down. England keep the ball.

12′ Pickford was under pressure from Mbappe as he tried to break up the game. France is growing by the minute!

11′ Color! Giroud first time! Dembele crosses from the right, the striker heads the ball.

10′ Bellingham prevented Griezmann from entering the penalty area. It accepts parts. France cannot take free kicks.

9′ John Stones blocked Dembele’s cross from the right wing with a crucial foot.

8′ Rice plays a long ball to Saka but he goes over and scores. seven’
Shut up! Mbappé passes Giroud but the ball flies over the striker’s head.

6′ Shaw takes the free kick and the performance is in the right place but England are ruled offside. Harry Maguire has that error.

5′ Foden fouled Dembele on the left.

3′ Tchoumeni gives Saka the ball in his own half but France manage to clear the danger.

2′ France have an attack on the left through Théo. Mbappe and Rabiot also contributed but England closed the gap.

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