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Suryakumar Yadav is against the reality of playing anime cricket

Cricket turned 360 with the arrival of de Villiers, but soon could go anime thanks to a special player.

This is the beginning of the 19th century. Lockie Ferguson has the ball. And he has a plan. The first that comes to mind is against a power hitter who goes wild. Look at the big yorker. Around 150 km / h. Best of all, it will be quick to touch. At the very least, it will be far enough away to avoid permanent damage. That’s right, except for one small mistake.
Suryakumar Yadav is at the crease and the truth has already started to unfold.

About half a second ago, he was holding a cricket bat the way most people hold it. Give the hand. Now the bottom is here, preparing for the shot that should not happen.

The whole world is moving slowly. The yorker is about to come in around the wide line. Suryakumar stood still, his eyes following the ball, his hands in support and his mind doing quantum geometry. Bat makes contact. And because Suryakumar has changed his grip, he is able to get more power in his shots. Success. Four to three people. A yorker is pretty much a bowler’s last over in T20 cricket because you can fall on the ball and when that happens no matter how much power you put into the shot, it doesn’t go very far.

So Suryakumar found a way in – his bat coming to meet the ball – which almost 150 km/h needed only a tick to find the boundary. This is a game he invented. Not good cricket. It was hot cricket.

Think about it. He makes 111 in 51 balls. At the same time, in the same area and facing opponents, his partners at the other end are 44 out of 38. He hit 11 fours and seven sixes. The rest of the combined Indian also manage four fours and two sixes. It’s a classic anime. A powerful person mocks all who come before them and everything will follow them.

Suryakumar’s stroke play is not the only thing that shines about him. He is very good at reading games. Let’s go back to that joker scene again. He wouldn’t have taken it off unless he intended it. But he thought about the slap first because he had a good idea of ​​what was waiting for him.

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He was dealing with the slow New Zealand ball inside the wicket. On a pitch that took a lot of rain, they spilled over his bat, and left the ground.

He has proven that hiding football will not work. In the 17th – after backing up on the wrong side – he managed to cut a low ball to the point. The most important thing for a power boxer is his balance. A bowler’s job is to take the lead. Tim Southee did everything right. And he always goes to four.

Suryakumar has pushed New Zealand to the brink. And he knew what they were going to do right there. Bring in their fastest player and make them focus on the rail line. We all think this guy looks like a hero, but come on, these are totally villain moves. Slowly, methodically, the desire to fight, destroy the opponents and defeat them in the most epic final battle. Vegeta would be proud.

All of India calls for other players like Suryakumar. But this is only after 10 years of unsuccessfully trying to get into the national team. He is determined that he will use all this time to make himself perfect, first to get it and when he still can’t get in, to move on.

Rishabh Pant, Ishan Kishan, Deepak Hooda – they couldn’t do anything because they were already there. They don’t have time to tear down their entire game and rebuild it from scratch. After all, the second they try to play like Suryakumar and it doesn’t work, they will be all memes.

India as a whole, especially managers and teachers, will follow this path of clapping (translation: get rid of the fear of failure) so that the second SKY comes out. And even then, it will take a long time because the combination of physical strength, flexibility (especially in the wrist) and the thought of this is non-existent. Still, there are some good signs. Shreyas Iyer took three balls under his palm.

Cricket took a 360 turn with the arrival of AB de Villiers. In the coming years, thanks to a special player, it can become perfect in anime.

India canter to win after Suryakumar’s blazing century

New Zealand’s chase did not begin after they finished 65, with Hooda bagging 4 for 10

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India 191 for 6 (Suryakumar 111*, Kishan 36, Southee 3-34) beat New Zealand 126 (Williamson 61, Hooda 4-10, Siraj 2-24) by 65 runs.

Virat Kohli called it “another video game all around” on Twitter, and for good reason: Suryakumar Yadav went on to score an unbeaten 111 from the team’s total of 191, smashing 11 of the 18 boundaries he hit. from India, and seven out of nine of them. six, while facing only 51 balls. In a stunning display of his fearless T20 creativity, Suryakumar helped India plunder 72 runs in the last five overs. This, despite not facing the same delivery in the final over, where Tim Southee scored a hat-trick.

Hardik Pandya looked the other way as Suryakumar played with an international bowling line which he made look normal. At 192 to go, New Zealand’s pursuit has been on the rise from the start: their batting power has saved just 32 points and just three boundaries, perhaps laying the perfect foundation for them to bounce back; and at 85 for 3 after 12 years Glenn Phillips, the required runs of 13 overs meant that the match was almost decided.

Suryakumar is against bowling, bowling and anything else

In what appears to be a defining year for him – he has already become the highest run-getter in T20Is in 2022 – Suryakumar’s second T20I century could have been a different direction as he came up with a winning streak. .

Suryakumar unleashed his trademark four over the head from the wicketkeeper off just four balls despite being hit for two consecutive deliveries in front of him. A common T20 trick: spin and miss, but the next ball doesn’t bother you.

Ishan Kishan continued to struggle when Rishabh Pant fell for a low score in his run, but Suryakumar knew it could only go one way, especially in the rain and wind. The rest of India’s batsmen scored 69 in more deliveries – there were 11 more in the total – and told many more kilometers ahead of Suryakumar than his teammates.

His first six came from Mitchell Santner, as he collected the ball from outside off and swept it to fine leg. Then, the towering outside off: Santner’s first ball around 11 was clipped behind the head, and Ish Sodhi’s first from 12 was pitched under deep cover and elbows wide.

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But Suryakumar had reserved a special treat for Lockie Ferguson: with eight overs to go and India’s total under one hundred, he drove and hit the fast bowler for a four and a six, respectively. It was Suryakumar’s 1st action against Ferguson.

Suryakumar brought up his 32-ball fifty in the 16th over, but later he went to Southee to start the 17th over: a six over midwicket, and whipped into the same area for four, only a helpful field. error. Two balls later, he moves to struggle with a short ball outside off despite taking a chance early on.

Runs come from everywhere: uppercuts at cover and half, and whips and flicks at fine leg. The platform of Act 2 of Suryakumar against Ferguson has been set: 4, 0, 4, 4, 4, 6 in the 19th round.

The third boundary brought up his 49-ball hundred, but the next three runs were impressive: the first four broke short of the third after opening the face of the bat late, the fifth was put to the wicketkeeper despite the short length and the ball get up close. over his shoulder, another six was bowled in the third over as he opened the face of the bat at a length that looked good enough to even try.

New Zealand limp in big chase

Kane Williamson bowled 52 balls to score 61. It didn’t help that the new ball bowled well for India and in the powerplay, Bhuvneshwar Kumar removed Finn Allen’s second ball. New Zealand’s demand rate rose to 11 after the first six years, after which it was the only system where they seemed to be attacking. Williamson and Devon Conway went for 17 in Washington Sundar’s first over, before they hit back by dismissing Conway’s first ball from the ninth over for 25 off 22 deliveries.

India as a whole, especially the managers and teachers, will follow this method of clapping (translation: get rid of the fear of giving up) so that the second SKY comes out. And even then, it will take a long time because the combination of physical strength, flexibility (especially in the wrist) and the thought of this is non-existent. Still, there are some good signs. Shreyas Iyer took three balls under his palm. Cricket took a 360 turn with the arrival of AB de Villiers. In the coming years, thanks to a special player, it can become perfect in anime.

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