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The UK says Russia may be removing nuclear warheads and anti-nuclear weapons and bombing UkraineThe UK

has said that Russia’s long-range missiles are now too small, so it is likely to withdraw its nuclear warheads from non-renewable cruise missiles.

As the brutal war between Russia and Ukraine continues unabated, the UK MoD says Russia is now supplying low-range missiles and is likely to destroying the nuclear warheads of endless cruise missiles and launching more unarmed rockets against Ukraine. .

According to the Defense Intelligence Agency’s latest update on the situation in Ukraine, a recent photo shows the wreckage of an AS-15 Kent anti-ship missile that could be downed. In addition to this, the UK MoD reported that it was created in 1980 “solely as a nuclear delivery system”.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense also said the nuclear warhead may have been replaced with ballast, with the Kremlin hoping the missile would fool Ukraine’s air defenses.

Taking to Twitter, the UK MoD said: “While such an inert system would still be damaged by the energy of the weapon and any unspent fuel, it is unlikely to get reliable effects against the intended targets.” He added: “It’s almost as if Russia hopes that these missiles will act as a decoy and take down Ukraine’s air defenses. Whatever Russia’s intentions, this shift reflects the level of decline in Russia’s long-range weapons.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces pounded Kherson, a key city lost to Ukrainian forces two weeks ago, the Ukrainian government was forced to evacuate a nearby hospital. According to Independent News, over the past six days, Russia’s constant shelling of Kherson has left 15 people dead and 35 wounded, perhaps signaling Moscow’s commitment to continue defending the city.

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Zelenskyy criticized Russia for attacking Ukraine’s vital energy infrastructure

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Ukrainians to use energy sparingly, saying: “If there is electricity, it does not mean that you can turn on many electrical appliances.” immediate power. It is important to mention that six million people in this war-torn country are without electricity and the night temperature has dropped significantly.

President Zelenskyy criticized Putin’s government after Russian forces attacked Ukraine’s vital energy infrastructure and called the recent attack “a threat to power”. The current energy crisis in Ukraine was the subject of an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday 23 November. Zelenskyy addressed the group online and talked about the current crisis in Ukraine, which will worsen over the long winter.
At the UNSC meeting on Wednesday, Zelenskyy presented the UN resolution. He agreed that because Russia is a permanent member of the council, it has veto power. He also invited experts to analyze and analyze the critical infrastructure problems in Ukraine. According to the president, “the temperature is below zero outside and millions of people are left without electricity and water because the Russian army is hitting power installations. It is a clear crime against humanity “.

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