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Throwing Rahul Gandhi out of the party for his anti-military comments: BJP and Congress

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said that if Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge does not “control” the opposition parties supporting the country, Rahul Gandhi will be sacked for his speech, which is “humiliating”. “India has demoralized its soldiers. .

NEW DELHI: The BJP today attacked Rahul Gandhi for his statement that the Chinese Army defeated the Indian Army in Arunachal Pradesh and said that the Congress should immediately expel him from the party.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said that if Congress spokesperson Mallikarjun Kharge is not “well controlled” by opposition parties in the country, then Rahul will be sacked. Gandhi for his speech, which “destroys” India and destroys his own spirit.

soldiers. At a press conference in Jaipur on Friday during his “Bharat Jodo Yatra”, Rahul Gandhi said that China is preparing for war and accused the government of trying to ignore the threat, saying that it “and -sleep” and is not ready to accept. the situation.

In an apparent reference to the recent standoff between the Indian Army and the Chinese in Arunachal Pradesh, he said that ‘Indian colored people in the area were crushed. Mr. Bhatia told reporters that if the Congress did not take action against Gandhi, the former prime minister it continues to see as its main driving force, it would appear that his statement reflects the idea of ​​an opposition group.

Congress has become a political party with many anti-India agitations, the BJP leader said.

No problem with “different views” in the evening: Rahul Gandhi and Gehlot-Pilot Tussle

Bharat Jodo Yatra: Reacting to the power struggle between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, Rahul Gandhi said that Congress is not a ‘tyranny’ and not a ‘fascist’ party.

Jaipur: Amid the ongoing power struggle between Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his pet Sachin Pilot, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday called for democracy within the party and said that differences in the main things are not a problem as long as they don’t exist. cause serious damage.
With Mr Gehlot sitting by his side at a press conference here, Mr Gandhi fielded a series of questions, including about three of Mr Gehlot’s loyalists receiving judicial notice for opposition to the Legislative Assembly. in September.

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Responding to a question about why no action was taken against three loyalists of Mr Gehlot, Mr Gandhi said: “There is no firm decision… these things are being done. There is no big problem in our party, there is no confusion.” When asked about the Gehlot-Pilot dispute, he said that not only in Rajasthan but also in other states it is necessary to engage and listen to the party worker and the leader down. “These words (of leaders) are being spread through the media, but our approach is clear and unambiguous,” Gandhi said.

“We are not a dictatorial party, we are not a fascist party. We believe in dialogue. If there is a different opinion, there is no problem,” he said. Rajisthan is not just Rajisthan, but in all states, it seems that in the middle of a restaurant and it does it add.

“We accept this, but that should not lead to any damage damage. If this happens, we do something. In general, our view is that if people in our party want to speak, we don’t shut them down,” said the former Congress leader. Asked who will lead the party in the state elections, he replied, “Ask (Mallikarjun) Kharge ji. He is the party president.” On the prospect of Congress elections in the state due to the recent Gehlot-Pilot talks, Mr Gandhi said: “Listen, you are predicting elections.

But I can tell you that there has been an incredible response here and our staff is very strong. What I said before, if we use our workers, our presidents, then we will win the elections quickly.” big victory, elimination,” he added. Mr. Gandhi praised the meeting of the Congress in the state and said that the yatra could get the best reception in the state.

“When we started, our friends and journalists said that the yatra would do well in the south, but when it was successful in Maharashtra, they said it would not be successful in the Hindi belt. When we came to the Hindi belt, they said it did well in Madhya Pradesh but it will not do well in Rajasthan because there is one,” he said.

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“You have seen well that thousands of people came to Rajasthan to support the yatra. Our organization worked well and perhaps we were well received in Rajasthan,” Gandhi said.

Before the yatra entered Rajasthan, trouble arose in the Congress with Gehlot calling his former deputy Sachin Pilot a “gaddar” (traitor) saying he could not replace him as he had incited agitations against the party in 2020 and tried to topple him. . government. Mr. Pilot fired back, saying that it was beneath him who praised Gehlot to use such language and added that such slander would not help and it was the duty of everyone in the organization to support the team to help. Bring back the Congress government again. Rajasthan.

The escalation of the Gehlot-Pilot rift just before the yatra entered the desert state had put the party on edge but KC Venugopal’s visit to the state last week eased the anger in a show of unity. Both the pilot and Gehlot posed for cameras in AICC General Secretary. Mr Gehlot and Pilot have been at loggerheads over the post of Chief Minister ever since the Congress won the state elections in 2018.

While Mr Gehlot said that the Pilot rebellion in 2020 cannot be ignored and does not have the support of the majority of Congress members, the Pilot camp said that the legislators wanted a change in government. Mr. Gehlot said that the 90 MLAs who saved the government during the pilot rebellion were loyal to the party leadership, not him.

This is not Nehru’s India”: BJP and Rahul Gandhi’s ‘war’ on China Alarm

Rahul Gandhi alleged that China is preparing for war and the Indian government is sleeping on it and ignoring the threat.

NEW DELHI: Hitting back at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for claiming that India is ignoring China’s military threats, the BJP on Friday accused him of trying to undermine the military and harass his grandfather, former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. .

Speaking to reporters during a break in his Bharat Jodo Yatra earlier this morning, Mr Gandhi alleged that China was preparing for war and the Indian government was sleeping on it and ignoring the threat. away. Responding to the statement, BJP spokesperson Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore said, “Rahul Gandhi feels that there should be closeness with China. Now, he has developed such closeness that he knows what China will do.”

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“During his yatra, Rahul Gandhi talked about India’s security in the border areas to destabilize the country and undermine the Indian Army. This is not the India of his grandfather Nehru, to whom China lost 37,242 km2 while he was sleeping,” he told reporters in New Delhi. referring to the 1962 war between India and China.

He said Mr Gandhi should not make “nonsensical talk about national security” to “wake up” himself. When Rahul Gandhi’s grandfather lost China, Mr Rathore said: “Now he feels that he should be close to China, but he has started so close to China that he knows what China will do”.

Attacking the Congress and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation headed by Sonia Gandhi, Mr Rathore said: “It is on the Chinese Communist Party’s books. The Congress Party signed an agreement with the Chinese Communist Party.”

Mr. Rathore, a former Union minister, said there had been many violations by the Chinese during the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre. Although investment in border infrastructure has tripled since the Narendra Modi government took office in 2014. The country is now protecting its borders and borders. Earlier today, Mr Gandhi said: “I have seen the Chinese threat well.

I have noticed this clearly for the past two or three years, but the government is trying to hide it and ignore it. This threat cannot be hidden or ignored. Based on their complete support for the offensive that is happening in Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh, the Indian government is sleeping. “

“The government doesn’t want to hear this, but its (China’s) preparations are going on. Preparation is for war. This is not about imports, but about war. If you look at their weapons and what they are doing, they are preparing for war. Our government is hiding it and cannot accept it,” said the former Congress leader. He said this is happening because the Narendra Modi government is working on a “programme-based basis” and is “inefficient”.

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